Monday, 3 September 2007

Well, where do we start?

Not long ago, I came across a rather intriguing message in the comments box. The commentator 'John' seems to have misunderstood my last post about the suppression of religion in China. Looking at this post, I don't quite understand how he came to his conclusion-that I was in some way endorsing religious persecution. This comment has not been published because it was frankly bad-mannered and deserves no attention. Please note that I am not particularly offended by his personal insult (tasteless), but by an offensive remark about the Holy Father which he made-whether it was aimed at the office or the office-holder is unknown to me, but in either case it was not a clever thing to say.

I only intend to say this once: I am aware that people say and do unpleasant things over the internet, and I am aware that this blog is likely to be encountered by non-Catholics and also by a number of people who do not agree with me, but I will not tolerate bad manners or publish inappropriate matter.

Now, 'John' was clearly not a Catholic. Please pray for him.