Tuesday, 20 February 2007

The benefits of the internet

Who wold have thought ten years ago that the internet would be so useful for Catholics? Recently, I joined Facebook, and was delighted to find The Imitation of Christ online. This spiritual classic is divided into many short chapters, and thus would be ideal to a read a meditation a day during Lent.


Clare said...

We are studying it in our parish book group next month. First Wednesday in March if you're passing. through Brighton.

Joee Blogs said...

Personally I think facebook is not a good thing in itself. Notice how you look at a profile, and first you see the persons name and photo - usually looking erotic or drunk, then their sexual orientation, then whether they're dating anyone. I'm not convinced that's good. I also find it a temptation to sin, however perhaps like the blogosphere we should attempt to saturate it with morality..?

Emitte said...

As with the internet, Facebook can be used for a good or bad purpose. Above all, it exists so that people can remain in touch with one another. As with blogs, there are unfortunately some not ideal situations, but there are also a number of advantages. Quite a few Catholic groups have been set up and are flourishing.