Tuesday, 2 January 2007

Dante - the musical!

You really couldn't make it up! Monsignor Marco Farina - whom directs the choir of the Lateran basilica in Rome - is composing a stage version of Dante's The Divine Comedy, according to Catholic World News. Now it is not my wish to discourage Monsignor Farina, but isn't this project a little ambitious? When I read The Divine Comedy several years ago, I had to keep on looking at the notes in order to understand whom the characters in Hell, Purgatory, and Heaven were. Dante's work is a political and social satire as well as a theological meditation, hence this is going to be rather more heavy-going than Mary Poppins! And provided that the plot is unaltered-it will definitely not be affected by political correctness. On that count at least, it might be rather refreshing! Thanks to fellow blogger Argent by the Tiber for bringing this to our attention.

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