Saturday, 13 January 2007

Seminary Boy

I recently finished reading John Cornwell's account of his life in a minor seminary (a college for boys whom would later be training for the priesthood). Let me say now that I wouldn't normally rush to buy a book by Cornwell (the way he unjustly smeared the reputation of the Venerable Pius XII in Hitler's Pope filled me with indignance), but was very interested in reading of what a minor seminary would have been like. Cornwell refreshingly refrains from writing a 'what an awful a Catholic childhood I had' type of book, and looks back on his years in the seminary with warmth and humour, and I dare say that many Catholics of a certain age will identify his reaction to the post-conciliar Church. Seminary Boy has a number of sad and tragic stories, but is nevertheless a satisfying and illuminating book which portrays a lost way of life.

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