Saturday, 3 March 2007

Things are looking up

Deo Gratias! Yesterday I was leaving my house when I remembered a picture I saw at Christmas of a Franciscan with a traditional tonsure, then I looked up. The sun was shining, and the sky was beautifully clear. "Hmm" I thought, "this can't last for long. Happiness rarely does last for long this side of Heaven". As it happened, yesterday wasn't a 'perfect day'-although as I get older I often realise there is no such thing, but a number of things on the blogosphere and internet which have taken place over the last week have cheered me up immensely. As I don't intend to be selfish, I will now share them with you in no particular order:

1. I found out from Zenit this morning that Bishop Girotti has re-iterated the Church's condemnation of freemasonry (My goodness, how old-fashioned of him-Hurray!), and has warned priests who affiliate themselves with the movement that they will have consequences to face (Ooh! Discipline!).
2. Bishop Vada has reminded "a prominent Catholic public person" (also known as Nancy Pelosi-although a number of people might question His Lordship's use of the word 'Catholic') that abortion is "diametrically opposed to the clear and consistent teaching of the Catholic Church as well as to the clear and consistent teaching of God Himself in the Ten Commandments." About time one of the Bishops reminded Ms. Pelosi.
3. Carolina Cannonball has written a hilarious post about her line of work and co-habiting couples.
4. Our beloved friend Monsignor Schmitz has some wonderful things to say (more so than usual)-I won't spoil them for you!
5. Cardinal Biffi has said some simply marvellous things to the Holy Father about the guises of the Antichrist.
6. I have just found some exquisite pictures of Carthusian houses around the world (follow the link at the top).
7. In case anyone has missed it, Fr Ray wrote a highly intelligent post about the purpose of fasting (Cafod take note).

Many thanks to: The Cornell Society, Mac McLernon, Carolina Cannonball, and Fr Ray Blake. Have a good weekend, and enjoy the above links!

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