Sunday, 11 March 2007


Dear readers, thank you very much for the much-needed and much-appreciated prayers, they are still needed. Since my last post, everything is still difficult and I will be unable to blog regularly over the next two weeks. Again, please accept my apologies. In the meantime, I have several appeals:

1. I am sure that most of my readers are committed Catholics who already pray daily for the intentions of the Holy Father (as we all have a duty to do), but I am sure you will agree that His Holiness is especially in need of further prayer at the moment.

2. On March 19th we will celebrate the feast of St Joseph. Please do not neglect to commemorate this feast in some way, either by attending Mass, saying the Rosary, or by some form of private devotion to St Joseph. He is of course, the patron saint of a happy death (which we should pray for daily), but we should also use the opportunity to pray for the intentions of Holy Mother Church, since St Joseph is also patron of the Universal Church.

3. Finally, I would like to ask for your prayers again, although I know perfectly well that both the Holy Father and the Church take priority over my intentions (and the former are also merited), but I am still in need of your prayers.

Thank you all for your charity and support, which although undeserved, are still greatly appreciated.


Mac McLernon said...

Happy to oblige on all three points, Emitte. Whatever you're going through, hope it's over soon!!

Andrew said...

Prayers ascending Heavenward. May the Good Lord sustain you as you strive to obey His will.