Friday, 20 April 2007

By George?

There was a rather extensive article in today's Telegraph about St George's Day. I am sure that the non-British readers of this blog will be aware that for many years now, there has been considerable demand for St George's Day (April 23) to be made a national holiday in Britain. Now, I am in favour of this to be done, but am rather disgruntled with the attitudes of some people behind it. I seem to remember the London celebrations last year of St Patrick's day to have fallen on the Sunday. Now just how many of the people celebrating then were actually of Irish extraction? And just how many of them were practising Catholics?
I wouldn't be surprised if more than a few of the crowd were of the 'not keen on organised religion' persuasion, and there were probably a few people there who didn't exactly feel warm towards the Church, forgetting that it is thanks to the Church that St Patrick's Day even exists. Like it or not, St George's Day (or any other saint's day) is a religious feast, not just an excuse for getting drunk and having a day off from work. It has been established by Holy Mother Church so we can thank God for having provided us with such a courageous saint and martyr. It's time for us to win back this day from the secular missionaries!


Ttony said...

We don't need another holiday at this time of the year: Trafalgar Day would be much more suitable. making St George's Day a Holyday of Obligation, however, would be a much more fitting celebration of our Patron Saint.

Emitte said...

Splendid idea Tony, but I rather suspect that the Bishops' Conference is at present unwilling to 'create' another Holyday of Obligation. Perhaps we should write to them in order to find out.

Anonymous said...

Emitte, how would you suggest we, as ordinary people, best celebrate the day in a way that works counter to the secularists' intentions?